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Best Bait for Cat-fishing

Everyone is who catfishes will have an opinion on the best bait for cat-fishing. The truth is that it depends on what type of catfish you are going after.  The smaller catfish, like channel catfish, are easier to bait.  They will eat almost anything.

Best Bait for Cat Fishing
Best Bait for Cat Fishing

However, when you are going after the bigger catfish, like fatheads, you will need to be pickier.  For these monster catches, you need to choose live bait or bait that resembles what they naturally feed on.  This is the best bait for cat-fishing the bigger fish.


Catfish love stinky bait.  The smell creates a signature in the water and helps the catfish to find your bait. Adding fish oil, juice from a fish, sardines or garlic powder to your bait are a few ways to make it smellier and therefore more attractive to catfish.


For the bigger catfish, typical food includes other small fish, invertebrates like shrimp and craw-fish.  They will eat frogs and anything dead in the water.

Many smaller catfish will eat bugs off the top of the water and any garbage you throw in.  They are scavengers.


For bigger catfish, the best bait for cat-fishing is usually chicken livers, fresh mackerel or other raw fish, mussels, frogs, shrimp, craw fish or shad.  You can get a lot of this at the grocery store, or you can catch your bait, like minnows, frogs, and craw-fish.  This is fresh live bait.

You can also try garden worms, night crawlers, smelly cheese, anchovies, peanut butter or marshmallows.  For garden worms, you can dig some out of your garden.  If you want night crawlers, just go down to the local bait shop and pick up a tub of them.

You will find your favorite baits for the fishing pond where you go cat-fishing.

The best bait for cat fishing can also come from the homemade bait.  In this process, you basically throw together a whole bunch of bait in a tub, add every smelly thing you can think of, include something that will bond the bait together so it doesn’t fall off your hook, like bread or cornflakes, and then put a top on the tub and stick it out in the sun.  You will smell it when it is ready and so will your neighbors!


It is always a great idea to find out what other catfish enthusiasts are using for bait.  The three most common things you will hear will probably be chicken livers, shad, and raw fish.

A note about sunfish.  Flathead catfish love sunfish.  In fact, they can destroy a sunfish population if put in the same body of water.  This is a great tip for those of you going fishing for fatheads.
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Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips to Help You Have More Success Catching These Sought After Fish

Do you enjoy fishing for large-mouth bass? This is a popular past time for many people. The key to being successful in catching these fish is to know how to do it right. There are many large-mouth bass fishing tips that you can learn to help you have the success that you want every time you go fishing for these fish. Here are some important large-mouth bass fishing tips that you need to know.

One: When you are fishing for large-mouth bass, the area that you decide to fish in is very important. You need to determine if there is a current, how much shade there is, if the water is clear or murky and even what the underwater terrain is. These are all things that you need to study and learn about in order to have the most success when fishing for these fish.

Two: One of the most important tips for large-mouth bass fishing is that you need to have the right equipment to catch these fish. Don’t get any items that are not quality because they will not do you much good. Have you ever heard the saying, “you get what you pay for”? Well, when fishing for large-mouth bass, this is very true, so make sure that you get only the best equipment.

Three: One thing that many people don’t realize is that the bait you use is vital to your success in catching large-mouth bass. The best bait to use is live bait because this seems to attract the large-mouth bass the most. You have to take into consideration how you are storing your live bait for freshness. The best way to make sure you have good bait is to get the bait right before you start fishing for these bass.

Four: One of the large-mouth bass fishing tips that you don’t hear too often is to go out and try different things. There are many things that work when fishing for large-mouth bass, but if you don’t try new things, then you will never know if they will work for you or not. So, don’t be afraid to try new things, if it doesn’t work, then you can always try something else. These are not all of the large-mouth bass fishing tips that you need to know about. There are so many others that will help you have success when fishing for large-mouth base. The above tips are very important, but don’t let them be the only tips you learn about. The more you take time to educate yourself on catching these fish, the better chance you will have.…